2017 Catalogue Essays:
By Watson, Fleur. Wise, Kit. David Thomas: Colouring Impermanence: the Conditions of Change,
Designed by Stuart Geddes and David Thomas Design Hub RMIT University Melbourne. 2017
Photography: Tobias Titz

2017: Cramer, Sue. Call of the Avant-Garde Constructivism and Australian Art,
Curated by Sue Cramer and Lesley Harding. 2017. Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne Pp.94-7.

2017: Tan, Guo-Liang. Considering Impermanent Durations: On Painting and Time, Beth Harland, David Thomas, Ian Woo,
La Salle College of the Arts. 2017. First Printer. Singapore
With the assistance of Singapore, Arts Council, RMIT University and Lancaster University.

2011: Finch, Maggie Looking at Looking: The Photographic Gaze, National Gallery of Victoria International: Melbourne

2010: Cross, David. Harding, Lesley. Smith, Jason. Shifting Continuities Heide Museum of Modern Art


2010: Residency at Centre for Drawing Research University of the Arts London UK

2010: Nov.-Dec. The London Projects  website HYPERLINKhttp://cfd.wimbledon.ac.uk/webnotes/node/38


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